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A Guide To Exercise During Pregnancy.

Some of you during pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester (first 13 weeks) feel nauseated, tired, way too friendly with the toilet, and are dealing with both pounding headaches and tender breasts. All perfectly normal, by the way!

Meanwhile, some of you wouldn’t even know that you were pregnant if it weren’t for the test results! It’s important to remember that every pregnancy is different, and expecting Mums experience a wide array of symptoms, both in terms of type and intensity.

However no matter your symptoms, one of the most difficult aspects of pregnancy tends to be feeling a bit “out of control”. As you body grows and changes on a daily basis, it can feel like you energy level, mood, cravings and body in general are at the whims of this little peanut growing inside you.

So while you strive to be your healthiest during this time, both for yourself and for your baby, don’t forget to give yourself the grace your deserve. After all, some days, your workout might not happen because you are nauseous or tired and can’t do anything but vomit or sleep. Or while you may desperately want to eat eggs because they are rich in choline and protein, the smell of cooked eggs might