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Massage Therapies
High Quality Soft Tissue Therapy for women of all life stages.
Pregnancy | Postnatal Rehab including C-Section Scar Mobilisation | Relaxation | Injury & Chronic Pain

Massage and soft tissue therapy treatments aimed at restoring optimal physical and emotional health for all women.


Sessions Available

I offer a variety of soft tissue massage therapies for women from my home in Telford.


​In a warm and welcoming environment, I want you to feel at home when you're here and not feel you are in a cold, clinical setting.​


Effective soft tissue therapies are proven to be much more effective when you are relaxed, comfortable and when we can communicate openly. Please take a look through my range of massage therapies sessions available and get in touch if you have any questions or your needs are slightly different to what's listed below. 


Not sure which appointment you need to book? Don't worry, please get in touch if you're not sure or book the session that applies to you most and I'll be in touch before your appointment for more information.

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