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Train Like A Woman

Monday's 8.00-8.50pm at Randlay Community Centre, Telford

Discover how to train, fuel and recover as a woman should according to our ever changing physiology as you approach the peri-menopause transition through to post-menopause.

This class is designed for women 35 years and beyond and not only will you get a weekly exercise class, but also an education on your changing exercise, nutrition and recovery needs. No degree of fitness or experience level is required to attend this class, just an open mind and a willingness to have some fun.

Social butterflies and introverts are welcome alike and you'll be sure to feel part of the group. I only take up to 8 women on the class to ensure everyone receives adequate support.

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Say goodbye to cookie-cutter exercise routines, pre-choreographed classes and hello to workouts that work with your body and its unique and individual needs. Workouts that provide what your physiology needs to achieve good health, body composition, physical and mental performance during this life stage.

The class covers a range of training modalities carefully crafted to suit women through the menstrual years as you approach peri-menopause from your mid-30s, through to post-menopause. 

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Weekly TLAW Newsletter

Receive a weekly email with supportive information


You'll receive a little bit of education each week to continue to learn more about your body and changing physiology.


Receive a 20% discount off a monthly massage session to support your recovery and injury prevention.


I'll send you a short workout to complete from home in between each class along with a pre-recorded online recovery class.

Before Workout

Interested in more coaching?

To be certain you can achieve your goals, it's important to consider what you're doing in between classes, from an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habit perspective.

I'm in this game to help women achieve what they've set out to achieve. It simply doesn't sit right with me to deliver a weekly class and then "forget" you until the next week.

If you feel like you need support, guidance, a "kick up the backside" between classes, then I'd recommend by Signature Coaching programme. 

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