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Personal Training
High quality and private personal training for all women, for all lift stages.
Pregnancy | Postnatal | Motherhood | Menstrual Years | Peri- to Post-Menopause | Breast Cancer Thriver

Personal Training sessions for women aimed at restoring optimal physical and emotional health through female specific and researched exercise, nutrition, and overall lifestyle management.


Sessions Available

I offer a variety of personal training sessions for women from my home in Telford.​


In a warm and welcoming environment, I want you to feel at home when you're here. I have a range of equipment available from hand weights, resistance bands, mini bands, kettlebells, mats, yoga blocks and a barbell and plates, so you don't need to bring anything at all with you.​

My Personal Training sessions are truly personalised and individual to you needs. Many of my clients seek personal training for various reasons from:

  • Staying active during pregnancy and preparing for birth,

  • Recovering and rehabilitating after having a baby,

  • Improving symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction including incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain,

  • Restoring a strong core and/or reducing back pain,

  • Returning to running after injury or having a baby,

  • Staying active after a breast cancer diagnosis,

  • Training for body composition and performance through the menstrual years,

  • Laying the ground work to thrive through peri and post-menopause.

I'm proud to stay up to date and current with research into exercise and nutrition science for women's health. I'll bring you evidence-based programming and lifestyle goals to help you achieve your goals.

  • Personal training to support women to achieve health, fitness & perfor...

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    1 hr

    41 British pounds
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