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Personal Training
High quality and private personal training for all women, for all lift stages.
Pregnancy | Postnatal | Motherhood | Menstrual Years | Peri- to Post-Menopause | Breast Cancer Thriver

Personal Training sessions for women aimed at restoring optimal physical and emotional health through female specific and researched exercise, nutrition, and overall lifestyle management.

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Sessions Available

I offer three "levels" of personal training to suit individual needs, goals and budgets.

All are truly personalised and individual to you needs. No "cookie-cutter "programmes that are regurgitated for different individuals. Many of my clients seek personal training for various reasons from:

  • Staying active during pregnancy and preparing for birth,

  • Recovering and rehabilitating after having a baby,

  • Improving symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction including incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain,

  • Restoring a strong core and/or reducing back pain,

  • Returning to running after injury or having a baby,

  • Staying active after a breast cancer diagnosis,

  • Training for body composition and performance through the menstrual years,

  • Laying the ground work to thrive through peri and post-menopause.

I'm proud to stay up to date and current with research into exercise and nutrition science for women's health. I'll bring you evidence-based programming and lifestyle goals to help you achieve your goals.

I will use my expertise in women's health and fitness, hormones, pregnancy, postnatal recovery, the menstrual cycle and menopause, breast cancer and female athletic performance research to not only guide you through personalised exercise sessions, but also help you make evidence-based decisions on your physical and emotional health for long-lasting change. 

Personal Training Options

Programme Design

Receive an individualised workout plan that you can follow from home and/or in the gym.

This is going to be suitable for you if you'd like me to design you an exercise workout to follow from home or a gym you're a member of. Dependant on your needs and goals, I will design up to two sessions for you to follow for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

The cost of this programme design is £35 and you will receive a detailed questionnaire to complete (and possibly also an initial phone or email consultation to ensure I have all the information I need before I create your session(s).

Signature Coaching Programme

This is a comprehensive and interactive, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habit coaching programme. 

Via use of an iOS/Android app, think of it as carrying me around in your pocket. 

Exercise workouts with written and video instruction, nutrition and lifestyle habits will appear in your calendar on relevant and agreed days of the week for you to complete AND log.


All sessions and habits are designed for YOU, from scratch.

We can interact and communicate with each other as often as we need to in order to keep you continually moving towards your goals.

Signature Coaching is going to be suitable for those who want to put an end to the guesswork about what exercise to do, what nutrition advice to follow and what lifestyle habits to work on. Hand this responsibility over to me and your exercise sessions, daily habits will automatically appear in your app calendar each day which you can "tick off" once you've achieved them. 

Face-to-face sessions aren't included in the programme, but these can be purchased as extra and with 10% off.

The cost of the Signature Coaching Programme is £50 per month for a minimum of 3 months,

Face-to-Face Personal Training

Face-to-Face Personal Training

Come and train with me in person where I'll have a workout planned for you that will keep you moving forwards towards achieving your goal.

Sessions are available Monday to Friday between 9.30-2.30 where I have availability and I also offer 4-5pm alternate Monday's and Friday's.

You will receive a "homework" exercise programme/nutrition/lifestyle goals to do from home to compliment our sessions and this will be updated following every face-to-face PT session.

If you commit to at least three sessions per month, you will receive my Signature Coaching Programme for FREE.

The cost of face-to-face personal training is £41 per hour or £390 for 10 sessions. 30/45 minute sessions can be agreed also, especially for Mums who would like to bring their babies along too.

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