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Live, In-Person Classes, and Online Programmes

About Group Exercise Classes

I offer group exercise classes as well as practical and educational workshops which are a fun, effective, and specific for women during all life stages including during pregnancy, postnatal, Motherhood and transitioning into peri-menopause!


Exercise that is tailored specifically for different stages in a woman's life is vital - from pre-conception, to pregnancy, the postnatal period, Motherhood to peri to post-menopause whether your goal is related to health, fitness or athletic performance. Creating a functional and dynamically strong body, and good breathing and posture habits are essential elements to optimal, long term core and good pelvic health. 


Choosing to exercise with a trainer who has fully qualified and is experienced in working with women including pre and postnatal exercise and women's health is the only safe and effective option. All exercises have various adaptations and strategies that take into consideration the physical, physiological and hormonal changes which occur during each pregnancy trimester, stage after birth, during Motherhood and beyond.

At Michelle Brown Women's Wellness, you don't just get an exercise class! It is essential that your are adequately screened to ensure the exercises that you are prescribed are going to be safe and effective for you. 

Live & In-Person Classes

Check out my range of weekly in-person and online Zoom classes

Fitness Class

Eternal Access Programmes

Online class programmes are one-off purchases where you have eternal access to the content. 

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