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Could your pelvic floor be too tense/tight?

The pelvic floor muscles attached to the front, back and sides of the pelvis and also the base of the spine. They act like a hammock to support the bladder, uterus and bowel. This group of muscles have to be able to contract and release in order to control continence and support pelvis contents, but also allow for urination, bowel movements and vaginal births!

Dysfunctional muscles (weak or tight) of the abdominal wall or muscles surrounding the hips and pelvis can cause the pelvic floor to overcompensate and overwork leading to tightness. Poor posture and poor alignment of the pelvis can also cause the pelvic floor to be placed in a permanently shortened position.

It's a common misconception that a tight, short muscle must be strong, but that's NOT the case. When a muscle, any muscle, is placed in a position where it is permanently shortened, this is going to restrict it's movement. Imagine walking around on your toes all day, fatiguing your calf muscles - then imagine trying to jump up really high. Yes, your calves are going to feel pretty weak aren't they?! Imagine holding your arm bent all the time - I'm pretty sure that your bicep is going to feel pretty fatigued, tight and weak after a while!

This principle also applies to the pelvic floor - hold it up in a shortened position all the time and you can be sure it is going to become very tight and very weak.