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Mindful Strength Training for Women

On average, people after 30 years of age, lose muscle mass at a rate of half a pound a year impacting on future disease including cardiovascular disease, various cancers, obesity, diabetes, cognitive function, high blood pressure, lung disease, osteoporosis and stroke.

Growth hormone is our friend!

Known as the anti-ageing hormone, as you can expect, it peaks in early adulthood and starts to decline in our 30s along with decreasing oestrogen levels.

What if I told you, we can exercise smart to offset this decline and naturally boost our growth hormone levels

Heavy weight training or bodyweight/resistance training with increased "time under tension" and SLOW repetitions can BOOST our growth hormone!!

Are you new to resistance training and not sure where to start? Maybe you try to incorporate strength work into your routine already but are not sure you're reaping the benefits?

Strength training as medicine.....

Wow, take a look at some of these stats!

Before the convenience of chairs and vehicles, our muscles worked throughout the day. However, without regular work on muscle strength, sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) takes over. Here's why we need to build it back up!