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Does exercise leave you fatigued, in pain or discomfort?

"I can't do this anymore!"

Firstly, workouts do need to be challenging in order for your body to adapt, HOWEVER experiencing exhaustion and/or pain that doesn't subside within a short while, or picking up "niggles" is a sign something is a miss!

Regular and varied exercise or movement is what I would refer to as a "life non-negotiable". When something needs to "give" in daily life, it's NOT exercise.

Exercise should be varied and regular to support your current and future physical and mental health - at least 3 hours a week (or building up to that). It should leave you feeling energised, mobile, strong and calm, not exhausted, tired, achey or in pain.

By varied, I mean exercise that includes cardio, weighted or bodyweight resistance, and mobility, flexibility and relaxation (i.e. actual relaxation - no screens!).

If you find yourself needing to stop, meaning the amount of varied movement you do per week reduces, then one or more of the following factors need some attention:

  • Sleep quality

  • Nutrition

  • Stress / your response to stress

  • Your ability to move your body efficiently (your mobility/flexibility)

  • Resolving a physical barrier to exercise such as an injury or pelvic floor issue

  • Hormone imbalance

This is where my Women's Health Personal Training can help you get this back on track - for the cost of less than a takeaway or meal out!

My 121 sessions aren't just an hours workout and off you go. They take a much more holistic approach to your health and wellness, promoting longevity, not quick fixes.

Sessions are varied and can include exercise, movement, education, discussion, goal setting and soft tissue therapies, as well as possibly a recommendation for other activities the rest of the week. They can be virtual where necessary too.

Sessions can start weekly (or more if required) but overtime, can reduce as your new way of life become more habitual.

Does exercise feel like a chore, that you don't find time for?

Time to make that change!


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