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Considerations for Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain

Tailbone pain, or coccyx pain is sometimes labelled Coccydynia and it can be incredibly painful and debilitating.

The coccyx is part of your spine. The very end part, just like a little tail.

Very importantly, the pelvic floor muscles attach to the coccyx, so it is a very important structure!

Coccyx pain (and surrounding areas) would affect someone's ability to sit, get out of a chair, get out of bed, have a bowel movement, lay on their back and go about everyday life.

The pain can be mild, all the way through to debilitating and life changing, but it is not something you should accept that you have to live with.

It is often caused by an injury or fall on tailbone, tight pelvic floor muscles, or childbirth.

Simple, immediate treatment can include icing, warm compresses, anti-inflammatories, and pelvic floor treatment - but NOT STRENGTHENING the pelvic floor as sometimes recommended when consulting Dr Google!!!

A spasm in the pelvic floor muscles (and/or surrounding structures) can cause the coccyx to be pulled up and in, even to one side which can all be very painful.

With regards to treatment, the pelvic floor is often just outside the scope of a general doctor, chiropractor, or orthopaedic doctor who may recommend an injection or even removal of part of, or all of the coccyx. Treatment should actually be much more holistic in most cases and include the WHOLE PERSON - the way you move, stand, strength of muscles in hips, legs and core, the way you breathe etc.

If you feel you have been jumping from one medical practitioner to another, maybe try a different approach and get moving again?!

Please contact me to get started on your journey!


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