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Core Restore

Core Restore sessions are 45-minutes in length and are designed for women who would like to improve the functioning of their core and pelvic floor, reduce pelvic floor related pain and/or achieve a flatter tummy, if that's your goal.


The "core" contains a whole system of muscles and after pregnancy into Motherhood and beyond, this system can become imbalanced leading to pelvic floor issues, an "empty inside" feeling, and the inability to achieve a better looking, stronger tummy, which maybe your current programme of crunches, planks and other abdominal/core/Pilates training is not achieving.


Core Restore group sessions are based on re-establishing correcting breathing technique i.e. coordinated synergy between the diaphragm and pelvic floor as well as how to access the deep core muscles and challenge them using subtle exercises with detailed cues as well as mobility for the trunk and hips, which is also crucial for good core functioning.

I also offer Core Restore sessions in my clinic for those looking for 121 support.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

During Pregnancy

This class is not designed for during pregnancy. Better options specifically focusing on more functional pelvic floor conscious movement during early/mid-pregnancy would be Lift, HiLo Glow, and Mindful Strength and from approx 26 weeks onwards, Birth Ready or my other 121 pregnancy specific services. If you participated in more advanced core work prior to pregnancy, then Core Flow & Stretch will also be suitable for you during the first half of pregnancy.

Mother and Baby

New Mum

Core Restore classes are PERFECT for new Mums to reconnect with the core and pelvic floor, correct pregnancy posture and improve alignment and strength going into Motherhood. This class is recommended before progressing on to any more challenging exercises. You may also be interested in my other New Mum 121 services.

Child's Pose

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Are you experiencing any symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, Diastasis Recti, back or pelvic pain? Core Restore classes are a great way to reconnect with your deep core and pelvic floor in order to manage pelvic floor dysfunction. I would also recommend my 121 Core Restore sessions for even more individualised guidance.


Core Restore is available as a on-demand class meaning you book on for the calendar month for £24.00. You will receive a variety of 45-minute on-demand classes to vary throughout the month specific to your goals and needs, two bonus classes to try something new too.

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