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Fitness on Yoga Mat

Core Flow & Stretch

Challenge your core, bodyweight strength and flexibility using pelvic floor conscious techniques to support the demands of different life stages.

Core Flow & Stretch is a 45-minute mat based class involving controlled Pilates and Yoga style flows and functional exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body from your core out and to improve your mobility and flexibility leaving you in a state of calm after a challenging workout.

This class will include a range of difficultly options so you can create a class that works for your body. It is also suitable if you'd like to progress on from my Core Restore class and step the intensity up a small notch to further challenge your core, pelvic floor and whole body strength, endurance and coordination.

Bridge Pose

During Pregnancy

Are you Pregnant? If you've undertaken core work/Pilates/Yoga prior to pregnancy, Core Flow & Stretch will be suitable for you to continue during the first trimester, possibly a few weeks into your second trimester although this will be very individual and based on how you feel. You can also check out my other services specifically for pregnant women.

Mother and Baby

New Mum

Are you recently postnatal? If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend you build your foundations using my Core Restore class or other New Mum 121 services initially. Re-connecting with your deep core and pelvic floor first, is key to creating a balanced core after having a baby before progressing to more challenging exercises.

Bridge Pose

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Are you experiencing any symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, Diastasis Recti, back or pelvic pain? In this case, I would recommend you initially book in with me on a 121 basis if possible (virtually if necessary) to discuss your needs. Please check out my clinic sessions and treatments if you are in pain, experience pelvic floor dysfunction or have any ongoing postnatal issues.


Core Flow & Stretch is available as a on-demand class, meaning you book on for the calendar month for £24.00. You will receive a variety of 45-minute on-demand classes to vary throughout the month specific to your goals and needs, PLUS two bonus classes to try something new too.

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