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Mastering the Menstrual Cycle

To Support Female Participation in Sport and Exercise

Unlock the full potential of female athletes by understanding the impacts of hormonal fluctuations, and learn tailored strategies to optimise training, recovery, and performance around the menstrual cycle.

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The Course

Embark on a journey to discover how an intricate understanding of the menstrual cycle can unlock the full potential of female athletes. This insightful course dives deep into the biological and physiological processes of the menstrual cycle, emphasising its impact on performance, recovery, and overall well-being in sport and exercise contexts. You'll get to grips with the science behind hormonal fluctuations and learn to navigate the unique challenges female athletes face, from dealing with the nuances of menstrual health to tailoring training protocols to different phases of the cycle. You'll become armed you with evidence-based strategies and tools to optimise performance, ensuring that female participation in sports is elevated through informed practices.

By bridging the gap between menstrual health and athletic performance, this course doesn't just benefit athletes; it's a game-changer for coaches, trainers, and educators who are committed to establishing inclusive, supportive environments for sportswomen at all levels. You'll walk away with a profound appreciation of how syncing training and competition with the menstrual cycle can mitigate injury risks, enhance performance, and promote longevity in sports. As you apply these concepts, you'll witness the transformative power of personalised training approaches that herald a new era of acknowledging and celebrating female physiology in the realm of sports and exercise.


Presented by Michelle Brown BSc(Hons) DipST, CertEd

Michelle Brown has established herself as a respected educator and advocate for women's health, particularly within the domain of sports and exercise. With a substantial background in exercise physiology and a focus on female biology, Michelle has spent over two decade in the fitness and wellbeing space, deepening an understanding of the menstrual cycle’s impact on performance. Her commitment to bridging the knowledge gap between menstruation and athletic achievement has positioned her as a trusted resource in creating inclusive and empowering training environments for female athletes.

Her passion for the subject is rooted in both personal and professional experiences, recognising early on the need for greater awareness around menstrual health in sports. Michelle has masterfully fused her expertise with a sincere dedication to education, crafting a curriculum that not only informs but also equips individuals with the tools to support and enhance female participation in sport and exercise. It's this combination of research-backed insight and practical strategies that makes Michelle's course, "Mastering The Menstrual Cycle to Support Female Participation in Sport and Exercise," both revolutionary and essential for anyone looking to foster a holistic and supportive approach to female athletic training.

What You Will Learn

I began creating this course with one thing in mind: to arm you with the knowledge and strategies that can revolutionize how female athletes approach their training in tune with their body's natural rhythms. I wanted to make sure that each module was packed with accessible, evidence-based information that can be seamlessly integrated into any fitness regime or coaching plan. By understanding the hormonal ebbs and flows throughout the menstrual cycle, you'll unlock a powerful toolkit to optimize performance, manage recovery, and reduce injury risk. Think of it as getting a roadmap to working WITH the body, not against it.


I really took care in designing this course so that it's both enlightening and practical, ensuring that each lesson is as helpful as it is actionable. I've woven in real-world scenarios and personalised support systems to make sure you can apply these insights from day one. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, I'm confident this structured learning experience will be transformative in the way you—or your athletes—engage in sport and exercise.

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