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Prenatal Yoga Class

Pregnancy Core & Floor

A specialist fusion of pregnancy pilates and yoga  to prepare for labour, birth and the early postnatal period.

A class exclusively for pregnant women specifically to prepare for birth, labour as well as the early postnatal period. Strengthen the body for late pregnancy and the physical demands of labour, prepare the pelvic floor muscles for delivery, minimise perineal tearing during vaginal birth, movements, exercise and stretches to encourage optimal positioning during birth, prevent, manage and treat common pregnancy issues such as back pain, tailbone pain, pelvic girdle pain/SPD, and urinary leaking, and prepare for early postnatal healing.

Thursday's 6.30-7.15pm

Currently online via Zoom.

Can't make it live? This class is recorded so you can complete it anytime over the following 7 days.

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