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Yoga Class

Mobility & Movement

Mobilising movement to relieve tension, improve alignment, reduce pain and dysfunction.

Do you ever feel like you need a good stretch? Maybe you'd like to feel you can move your body freely without pain or tightness? Possibly you're pregnant and feel like you need to make some space in your body?

Mobility & Movement is a weekly session that 
will develop and gently challenge your mobility, flexibility and ability to relax.

Learn how to move with flow, breathe with ease, and calm the nervous system. Create in your body a feeling of space and freedom. Positively impact on mental alertness and concentration, sleep, immunity, digestion and reduce pain, stress, tension and worry. Release tension through movement while you let go of stress. 
Use this session as recovery between more intense workout days or if you specifically want to tackle a condition/issue related to back or pelvic dysfunction/pain, bladder pain/urgency/incontinence, suppressed immune system, gut health and stubborn abdominal fat. 

I teach the live class usually every Sunday 8.30-9.15pm so you have the option to join me live and/or you can complete the recording at a convenient time for you during the week. I
 recommend you have handy a blanket, pillow, and yoga strap (a trouser belt works perfectly).

You'll float away feeling relaxed and released.


LIVE on Zoom every Sunday 8.30-9.15pm plus the recording

Session recordings are available all week so you can complete it on a convenient day and time to suit you as many times as you wish. There is no requirement to complete the session live if you can't make it.

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