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Women's Health Clinic
Back and Body Care Clinic, Newport

Massage, soft tissue therapies and 121 coaching aimed at restoring optimal physical, emotional, pelvic floor health, hormone balance and healthy weight for all women from pre-conception, pregnancy, postnatal recovery, Motherhood and peri- to post-menopause.

Women's Health Treatments

Please take a look through my range of treatments and 121 sessions available for all women. I run sessions in Newport only on Friday mornings. For Monday to Friday appointments in Telford, please book a Telford based session.
Please take a look at the range of services I offer and book an appointment. I'll be in touch prior to your session to enquire about the type of session you'd like. 

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Women's Health Services

Women's health services based at the Back & Body Care clinic in Newport

Massage Therapies

C-Section Scar Therapy

Myofascial Release for Pelvic Health

Massage Therapy for Lumbo-Pelvic Pain and PGP

Pregnancy Massage

Diastasis Recti Recovery

Personal Training/Coaching

Pregnancy and Birth Prep Coaching

Core Restore

Exercise and movement session to help you improve core and pelvic floor function, and develop core strength. Sessions may also involve some soft tissue massage therapy where recommended.

Mum on the Run

Return to running assessment and graded coaching to improve running performance and optimise the pelvic floor whilst running.

Pause - navigating peri-menopause

Movement for Breast Cancer Survivorship

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C-Section Scar Therapy

This treatment is for women with a c-section or any other scar which has recently healed or is years old. Scars can cause pain, internal pulling, tightness and numbness over and around the scar tissue. Scar therapy (including massage therapy, soft tissue techniques and movement) helps to improve the mobility and look of the scar itself and the function of the tissues surrounding the scar. 

A Scar Therapy session can be booked as a one-off session initially although I may recommend a short course of sessions for more troublesome scars.


Core Restore

Core Restore sessions are designed for women who would like to improve the functioning of their core and pelvic floor, reduce pelvic floor related pain and/or achieve a flatter tummy. The "core" contains a whole system of muscles and after pregnancy into Motherhood and beyond, this system can become imbalanced leading to pelvic floor issues, an "empty inside" feeling, and the inability to achieve a better looking, stronger tummy, which your current programme of crunches, planks and other abdominal/core/Pilates training is not achieving. Core Restore sessions can be booked like regular personal training sessions, but an initial one-off session is advised at first for a thorough consultation and assessment.

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Diastasis Recti Recovery

100% of women have a Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA) by the end of pregnancy, which is a stretching of the tissue that lays between the six-pack muscles. Dependant on various different factors, including genetics, nutrition, hydration, breathing pattern, exercise choices and posture, the healing of DRA can require specific intervention. This treatment includes an assessment of DRA as well as treatment including massage therapy, individualised exercise, and healing nutrition advice.


Myofascial Release for Pelvic Health and Prolapse

This 121 session is for any woman looking to improve core and pelvic floor function including reducing pelvic pain, treating symptoms associated with incontinence, and prolapse/heavy feeling in the pelvis. 


This session will involve an advanced soft tissue massage therapy technique called myofascial release as well as appropriate movement/exercises. Myofascial release is a very slow soft tissue technique designed to "unwind" tightness and reduce sensitivity in the the body's fascial tissues which surrounds and supports the body's muscles. It's a hands on session so I will manually correct technique and positioning to support restoring optimal function of the body. As a Sports Therapist and specialist in Women's Wellness, together we can work to treat injuries, dysfunctions and improve issues like pain and tightness that may currently be limiting your current exercise regime and/or daily life. Please note, I do not cover any internal work for the pelvic floor, but I'm happy to refer to a local Women's Health Physiotherapist if I feel you would benefit from this.

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Mum On The Run

Mum on the Run are comprehensive 121 sessions to support you in your quest to returning to running after having a baby (no matter how long ago that was).

These sessions are also suitable for women who are already running but feel their technique and training can be more pelvic floor friendly. Maybe you are picking up injuries or experiencing some pelvic floor dysfunction or pain during or after running?

Yoga Friends


Pause are bespoke sessions for women navigating peri-menopause or starting to notice changes in their monthly cycle and/or experiencing new symptoms. Sessions will include, as appropriate, exercise, movement, soft tissue therapy, discussions on lifestyle change. Advice is individualised and based around the stage of hormonal change you are currently experiencing. As a Sports Therapist and specialist in Women's Wellness, together we can work to treat any injuries or dysfunctions, and offset current or future health concerns associated with the hormonal shifts during menopause including bone, heart, pelvic floor and mental health.

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Movement for Breast Cancer Survivorship

Being more physically active after a diagnosis of breast cancer is one of the ways that breast cancer survivors can take matters into their hands, improve their health and reduce risk of recurrence and mortality. These 121 sessions are bespoke to your needs, your background, your treatment options and overall health status including heart, bone, pelvic health, fatigue and pain levels and can include exercise therapy as well as massage therapy.

Seated Side Bend

Pregnancy and Birth Prep Coaching

If you need the extra accountability of working our with a personal trainer live and face to face/virtually to prepare for late pregnancy, labour and birth, then these sessions are for you. Sessions are bespoke to your needs and I can work with you through any pregnancy related  aches, pains and conditions to keep you active through your pregnancy. I recommend that sessions take place regularly in order to establish the adherence and consistency. 

Pregnant belly

Pregnancy Massage

This pregnancy massage is primarily for relaxation purposes, as well as managing general aches and tension associated with pregnancy such as low back ache, shoulder tension, and swelling. I don't as standard include bump in my pregnancy massages, but if you would like me too, please request this at your appointment.

Pregnant belly

Massage Therapy for Lumbo-Pelvic Pain and PGP

Your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and it is common to experience discomfort such as pelvic girdle pain, low back and specific issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome even into Motherhood. My massage therapy sessions for lumbo-pelvic pain and PGP take a remedial and corrective approach in order to improve alignment, offset excessive postural changes, reduce swelling, ease aches and pains, support emotional health, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

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