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Yoga Mat

Recommended Equipment

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Resistance Glute Bands

In the class HiLo Glow, we use resistance loop bands during the class. These are a great fabric option by Meglio - the medium purple one will be perfect. They also stock slightly cheaper latex-free bands.

You should also be able to get resistance loop bands from Amazon, Argos, Decathlon or similar store.

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Massage Ball

A massage ball is required to use in classes, Core Recovery for Mums and also Release & Restore. These are great options by Meglio, although a simple tennis ball would be fine!

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Yoga mat

A mat is required for all classes. Here is a nice thick padded mat available from Meglio although you can also pick from up from most big superstores, and shops such as Argos, Decathlon or Amazon.

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A kettlebell is required for the class, Lift. An 6-8kg kettlebell is recommended to start with. If you'd prefer to loan a kettlebell from myself for the short-term, please let me know and I'll be happy to lend you one from the studio.

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A pair of hand weights is required for the class, Lift.

A weight of 1 - 1.5kg per hand weight will be a great place to start! Alternatively, you can use a couple of tins or filled water bottles!

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