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Online Classes

Unless otherwise specified, these online class programmes are one-off purchases where you have eternal access to the content. With my detailed screening and the ability to contact me directly, you get a more individualised service compared to many online programmes. If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (leaking, feelings of heaviness in the pelvis, pain) or significant pelvic or back pain, please get in touch so I can advise which programme is going to suit you best. I do offer 121 coaching in person if you feel you need this level of support to achieve your goals. 


Please check out my pregnancy on-demand programme, which is suitable throughout pregnancy. My Birth Ready programme is ideal from mid-second trimester.

Recently had a baby?

I would recommend you initially complete my RESTORE Mummy & Me class if you're interested in coming to a group in person class. Alternatively, I offer 121 postnatal recovery coaching. The most appropriate online class programme to do from home, during this stage is Core Restore.


All you need to do to access your online class programme, is book below! You will be sent a link to access your Programme Portal to access your classes.

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Birth Ready

Make your pregnancy, labour and delivery experience the best it can be. Whether you're getting ready to welcome your first baby or a seasoned Mum, you're in the middle of a beautiful and unique transition.

Birth Ready involves 8 hours (9 classes) of different themed pre-recorded classes to prepare your body for late pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal recovery, the smart way. This course can be purchased at any point during your pregnancy, but it is ideal from late second trimester onwards. Classes are between 30 minute and 1 hour in length.

Child's Pose


Calm includes six 20-25 minute pre-recorded classes for pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and tension.

Improving pelvic floor function for most women involves initially reducing tightness around the whole body from the neck down to the toes, as well as the pelvic floor muscles themselves. 

Treatment for an overactive pelvic floor starts with relaxation, coordination with correct breathing and movement BEFORE strengthening. In Calm, we explore plenty of relaxation, mobility, and visualisation exercises to reduce physical and emotional tension around the body with the primary objective of releasing the pelvic floor.

This programmes is ideal if you are suffering from any of the following issues/conditions:

Urinary urgency, urinary frequency, pelvic pain, stress incontinence (leaking), vulvodynia, bladder pain syndrome (interstitial cystitis), recurring UTI's.

Cost: £18.00

Practicing by the Waters

Core Flow & Stretch

Core Flow & Stretch includes twelve 45 minute pre-recorded classes mat based class involving controlled Pilates and Yoga style flows and functional exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body from your core out and to improve your mobility and flexibility leaving you in a state of calm after a challenging workout.​

These classes will include a range of difficultly options so you can create a class that works for your body, and they are also a great progression on from my Core Restore programme.

Cost: £30.00

Gym Equipments


Lift is a 45-minute functional core and pelvic floor conscious class to build a dynamically strong body using kettlebells, hand weights and bodyweight, focusing on form and control.
Resistance training is extremely functional for women. We bend, twist, lift and load our bodies (often at the same time) everyday. Take on your daily activities with a strong mind and body. Lift resistance using core and pelvic floor friendly techniques. Build strength from the inside out to support your daily life and other sporting activities such as running, team sports and running around after the kids!

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED - x1 Kettlebell (as a beginner you may want to start with 6kg and gradually work up from there), a pair of light hand weights (1-2kg) or a couple of tins/filled water bottles.

Cost: £30.00


Fix Your PMS

As many as 3 in 4 women experience PMS symptoms each month with symptoms varying from bloating, cramping, tender breasts, headaches, clumsiness, low tolerance for noise or light, irritability, tiredness, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, mood swings, low libido, poor concentration, and food cravings. These symptoms are not just a part of being a women and whilst they are common, they most definitely are not normal. 

Your body is trying to tell you something. Are you ready to listen?

This product is an online pre-recorded educational webinar and 5-week programme to empower you to reclaim your hormone health.

Fit Woman

Fabulous Four

Fabulous Four includes four unique 20-25 minute pre-recorded classes to give you the opportunity to include shorter sessions and varied exercise and movement into your weekly routine.

All you will need is a pair of light hand weights (or filled water bottles/tins).

The classes are themed:

Restore & Calm, Sweaty & Feel Good, Strong & Lean and Core & Tall

Cost: £12.00

Woman in Gym

Mindful Strength

Mindful Strength takes a mindful approach to strength training focusing on breath, pelvic floor connection and alignment using techniques to boost growth hormone and overall health and wellbeing. We follow some uniques principles so you not only benefit physically, but you also reap the mental and emotional benefits of strength training using core and pelvic floor conscious strategies. 

Mindful Strength includes eight, 20-25 minute pre-recorded classes, and I recommend 2-3 sessions a week. All you will need is a resistance band (like a Theraband), a loop band (although you can tie a knot in a resistance band) and a pair of hand weights.

Cost: £24.00

At Home Workout

FHIIT Fusion

FHIIT stands for "Functional High Intensity Interval Training" and these classes are a fusion of pelvic floor conscious bodyweight interval and conditioning classes involving low and high impact options and ending with a well-deserved wind down stretch and relaxation.

The programme includes twelve, 45-minute classes and with detailed instruction and cueing, you can be sure you are moving safely and working to restore energy levels, balancing hormones, managing stress, being conscious of pelvic floor health and developing a balanced, strong body.

It really is a great rewarding session where you feel you've achieved a useful functional female focused workout!

No equipment required.

Cost: £30.00

Pregnant Woman Working Out

Pregnancy Fitness On-Demand

Pregnancy Fitness On-Demand is a personalised monthly package of your favourite classes suitable during pregnancy. Your monthly package costs £25 and includes a personalised selection of classes (up to 6) to ensure you are doing a variety of movement and exercise including cardio, resistance training, core work, mobility, and stretch and relaxation.

This package is a great option up until mid/late 2nd trimester after which I recommend my Birth Ready - Pelvic Health Focused Birth Preparation course.​

Full Moon

Menstrual Cycle Fitness

The Menstrual Cycle Fitness programme tunes into your cycle with appropriate exercise to optimise hormonal health. I provide you with a pre-recorded workout to do during each of your 4 phases through the month to work with your physiology and not against it!

This is a four-week programme costing £25, which you can continue to re-book as long as you wish.

If you have irregular periods and/or experience significant PMS symptoms, I would firstly recommend you follow my Fix Your PMS 5-week programme.

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